Our China Help Desk provides you access to technical in market experts, to ensure you overcome your biggest export risk - local regulatory compliance.  

Our China Help Desk can assist with the most basic questions to the most technical for example:

  • Is my product permitted to be sold in China?
  • Who are my competitors in market and what are their price points?  
  • Under what National Standard will my product be tested?
  • Will my current packaging and product claims be compliant or do I need to revise?  
  • Will my ingredients be permitted or do I need to reformulate?

We have successfully helped our clients make a risk/reward choice by making them aware of the latest regulatory pitfalls and ensuring they are up to date with mitigation responses.  

The Process





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We will get in touch to clarify your questions and obtain any additional information required.  

You will then receive a quote in 3 business days.

Once approved you will have the required answers in 5-10 business days. 


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Case Studies


keeping up to date with existing & regulatory requirements...

Often when entering a foreign market, regulatory challenges can stop a sale before it even began.  A local UHT milk manufacture was preparing to launch a newly packaged product to the China Market.

In designing their package they knew from experience the National Standards were regularly changing.  They then got in touch with our China Help Desk and our in market experts identified

The relevant National Standards for their product and additional details on pending revisions to other key standard regarding Import Dairy Product Inspections and National Food Safety Standards for sterilised milk.

The result was a successful product launch with no unexpected hurdles as they had ensured that they complied with existing and future regulatory requirements.   

getting product across the border...


A local breakfast cereal manufacturer was engaged in tough buyer negotiations in Shenzhen.  They were made aware that moisture levels in cereal, was a common cause for products being rejected at the border.


They then got in touch with our China Help Desk and we provided the acceptable manufacturing and testing processes for cereal. They were then able to use the correct method of testing for moisture that was accepted by local authorities before attempting to get a shipment past the border. 


Armed with this knowledge they gave confidence to the local buyer that the shipment would pass local quarantine inspection.