Our specialist service is all about delivering your disruptive innovation strategy utilising our fully integrated and robust process for commercial success. 

Our service is end to end, inclusive and integrated by offering:

  • A consultative and collaborative approach to solving complex problems.
  • A two day workshop to provide executives with a new dialog to break open the existing paradigm and create a new framework.
  • Identification of new markets and solutions aligned to consumer/customer needs.
  • Structured strategic process designed to successfully drive change.


1. Understand the problem

We help you understand the problem and ts limitations and how you got here.

2. Explore potential solutions

How far can we push the boundaries?

3.  Identify new markets

How far can we stretch the solution?

4. Define the radical technology change

What does 'new' look like?

5. Design and test the prototype

How best to develop a commercially sound outcome?

6. Develop the implimentation strategy   

Strategic development with sound goals

Meet the Disruptive on Demand Team

Our team of industry and commercial specialists can support you through a consultative and customised process to address your specific business needs.


Halinka - CEO

Halinka is the founder and CEO of BDC Market Intelligence, with over 20 years experience in Marketing and Business development. She has worked accross every single project since the businesses inception in 1999, this extensive knowledge bank makes her invaluable to her clients. She aims to add value by uncovering new markets, and developing strategies to help clients build their brand portfolio and profile.

Graham Robertson – Advisory Chair

An experienced, successful and recently retired Managing Director with 23 years experience leading Australia and New Zealand operations of global and locally owned businesses. Extensive multi-discipline marketing, sales, finance and general management skills across diverse industries and in diverse business environments.

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