We know business performance is linked to innovation and the opportunity to develop differentiated business strategies in today's market is greatly enhanced with a diverse workforce. The aim is to increase your business performance by 30-35%.

Our service is end to end, inclusive and integrated by offering:

  • A consultative and collaborative approach to diversity, identifying opportunities.
  • A structured strategic process and rigorous analysis of data.
  • Comprehensive report profiling your entire business.
  • A full presentation of results to all staff at key milestones during the program.

1. Legislated Diversity

Ensuring business compliance is the best place to start.

2. Diversity Audit

We will help you identify how you are performing. 

3. Identify the opportunity

The only way to move forward is by understanding what has limited your business to date.

4. Commercial diversity

Is your staff profile consistent with that of your clients and suppliers?

5. Strategic diversity

We utilise well established robust tools to ensure your organisation functions at its full potential. 

6. Innovation

Now your business culture has been transformed. You are ready for innovation. 

Meet the Diversity on Demand Team

Our team of industry and commercial specialists can support you through a consultative and customised process to address your specific business needs.


Halinka  – CEO

Halinka has an extensive background in developing and implementing innovative, sustainable and commercially driven strategies to deliver the diversity dividend to corporate Australia. She is a highly accomplished and awarded winning Global Thought Leader and well versed on Business strategy and development and its role in business evolution. She helps business shape women’s policy and more broadly diversity and inclusive business practice to help increase business performance by a minimum of 35%.

Paul - GM Analysis & Auditing

Paul's passion for diversity is reflected in his PhD which investigated career progression in the Australian hotel industry and has been published extensively in the academic literature. He brings structured strategic process through his long working history conducting operational audits and is also qualified to administer a wide portfolio of commercially available personal assessment instruments including Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) amongst others. 

Graham – Advisory Chair

An experienced, successful and recently retired Managing Director (MD) with an enquiring mind and driven by the opportunity to “make a difference” both personally and through the management teams with which he works… exploring new and different ways to improve organisational effectiveness and results through engaging and empowering people. He brings a unique, practical and experience based perspective and sounding board to client projects and assignments, and to the people who lead and manage them.

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