Hospitality & Tourism Client Case Study


Managing Big Data

Paul (GM of Analytics & Auditing) has developed a unique methodology to disaggregate the national tourism statistics to track domestic and international visitors in “small areas” to assist local government and other local agencies to better understand their tourism performance.  This data has also been used to assess the alignment of the sociodemographic characteristics of visitors to a region and that of the resident population.

Meet the Hospitality & Tourism Experts

Our team of hospitality & tourism specialists can support you through a consultative and customised process to address your specific business needs.



Halinka  – CEO

Halinka is the founder and CEO of BDC Market Intelligence, with over 20 years experience in Marketing and Market Research. Her technical expertise combined with her marketing skills are valued across both the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Nicole – Group Account Director

Nicole has a great understanding of the hospitality environment - what works, what doesn't. She has previously worked in management roles in some of Australia's most well known sporting precincts. She brings a great fresh approach to the project, ensuring all project goals are achieved in an efficient manner. 

Paul - GM Analysis & Auditing

Paul has had a lifetime involvement in the hospitality and tourism industries, combined with rigorous academic training in marketing, finance, accounting and statistics, Paul has a keen interest in the application of sound management practices based on thorough research and analysis. He was the Chair of CAUTHE, the peak representative body for University hospitality, tourism and events research and education in Australasia from 2008 – 2013.

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