We immerse ourselves with consumers to generate facts and observations to convert to meaningful and relevant insight, which in turn we use as the catalyst for an ideation environment.  Our specialist service is all about designing your ideation objectives for commercial success.

Our service is end to end, inclusive and integrated by offering:

  • Issue identification service
  • Structured strategic process and rigor
  • Demand driven solutions aligned to consumer/customer needs
  • A consultative and collaborative approach to problem/solution conversion and results


1. Day 1- What are the issues?

What stage are you at?

2. Day 2 - Consumer Immersions

How much do you really know about your target?

3. Day 3 - Analyse findings & connect to insights

What do we think we know and what is missing?

4. Day 4 - Ideation session

Fitting solutions to the market

5. Day 5 - Concept Boards 

Develop the range

6. Start Insights on Demand

Test the concepts with the target

Meet the Ideation on Demand Team

Our team of industry and commercial specialists can support you through a consultative and customised process to address your specific business needs.


Halinka  – CEO

Halinka is the founder and CEO of BDC Market Intelligence, with over 20 years experience in New Product and service development, from new flavours, brand and category extension, to new service offers and untapped markets.  She assists Ross in the design and analysis of the ideation process. Her technical expertise combined with her marketing skills are valued across both the private and government sectors.

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