Our insights service is at the core of everything we do, we have been in the business 20 + years, with extensive experience across multiple industry sectors, including: FMCG, Property, Financial, Health, Retail, Hospitality, Tourism and Government. Our specialist service is all about designing your research project to identify opportunities for your business success.

Our service is end to end, inclusive and integrated by offering:

  • A consultative and collaborative approach to problem/solution conversion and results.
  • Tailored research design to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment. 
  • Structured strategic process and rigorous analysis of data.
  • Purist approach to consumer recruitment.
  • Customer/community driven solutions aligned to business objectives.
  • Delivery of data through highly engaging interactive analytic tools.  


1. Start with a problem

What is the problem that you are trying to fix?

2. Define the market

How much do yu really know about the market? 

3. Survey development

Every survey is unique and developed post a thorough market analysis and design process.

4. Explore the need

How does your solution fit within the markets problems?

5. Identify the opportunity

We will help you understand the insights and turn them into commercially viable solutions.

6. Develop the strategy

All insights collected during your research will have clear actionable goals.

Meet the Insights on Demand Team

Our team of industry and commercial specialists can support you through a consultative and customised process to address your specific business needs.


Halinka  – CEO

Halinka is the founder and CEO of BDC Market Intelligence, with over 20 years experience in Marketing and Business development. She has worked accross every single project since the businesses inception in 1999, this extensive knowledge bank makes her invaluable to her clients. She aims to add value by uncovering new markets, and developing strategies to help clients build their brand portfolio and profile.

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