Halinka Panzera

Never intending to be a trail blazer, Halinka began her career with Unilever. She is brave and she never waits for people to open doors for her, she has always seen opportunities and opened the door herself. 

Pioneering in every field she ventured into, she was the first female ever appointed in sales by the global food multinational and in nearly every role and company she has ever worked for. She now actively open doors for others to opportunities that were not available to her.

In 1999 she launched her own market research company and now has three starts-ups to her name. Halinka’s business model is about supporting the community. BDC Market Intelligence was recognized in 2015 for its contribution towards local fundraising exceeding over $1,000,000.

Her passion, energy and bravery for taking on new challenges is inspiring and she is regularly called upon by blue chip boards and government policy makers around the globe for her experience in creating sustainable and scalable business models. Her insights on innovation, business performance and customer engagement are utilised not only to inspire change but to facilitate informed decision making.

Her vast insights into how people think, live and eat in today’s fast paced world are monetized by her clients.  Ranging from national recognition for her work on sustainable built form design with Villawood, to creating award winning branding/ packaging and product designs for Kraft, Cadbury, National Foods and Bulla.

She regularly blogs and her personal newsletter reaches over 600 business leaders in the global food community. Halinka published her first book on Amazon in 2012.  The book, “What’s that Supermodel doing in my workplace?” shows how diversity and inclusion is a pathway to innovation.  

She is an expert in understanding the structure of organisations and creating an environment which embraces new thinking to maximise the contributions of employees (with a particular focus on women) to better guide business strategy and influencing successful outcomes. The process is based on her business tool – the bio diversity model which has been launched in Australia, Asia, USA and Europe. 

She was invited to New York as part of the working party that delivered Executive Order 13583—under the Obama presidency and Rodi Kratsa, VP of the European Parliament, also recognised her work in improving the status of women and children globally.

And she’s not finished yet, her latest venture is in the male dominated tech space, which taps inter her knowledge about health and wellbeing.

She is often referred to as controversial in her thinking, providing an intellectual mind set change enabling a shift in the existing paradigm backed up by data. Her vast knowledge fused together with her enthusiasm means she will deliver a powerful message that will be quite unlike anything you have ever heard before. Are you ready?