From Stereotypes to Empathy Marketing

I often hear marketers describe consumers utilizing stereotypes in permissible ways. The question that always comes to mind when this occurs is –what are the assumptions that are behind any cliché statements. The media is overrun with very narrow definitions of the target and this has negative effects on consumer engagement. When we become aware that we are using shortcuts we need to look at the ideas the words convey and challenge the assumptions behind them. So be aware when you shortcut conversations/media execution and revert to using simplistic stereotypes.

There are four simple tools to help business people to free their thinking and help you maximize the potential of your campaigns by being empathetic toward rather than ostracizing your target with patronizing language. Here are four easy steps to give you a hand.

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Menís glass ceilings, A lesson for Women.


I have written on this topic before, but in light of the response wanted to share another similar story.  That is to reinforce that a glass ceiling isn’t just something that stops woman’s progress.  Both men and women will find themselves not being able to move up the corporate ladder for no explicit reason.  This is the definition of a Glass Ceiling.    

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Closet marketing and what happens when the MD comes out!

Many business professionals are in the closet, and when they emerge- their coming out can be supported by consumers, and so today’s video is a great example of why we authentic business policy to begin with.  We need to making a positive difference, in all that we do.  Jeff Novick- ex Marketing director of Kraft foods utilised his profile very effectively.  I’ve included a summation of Jeff Novick’s advice in understanding food labels.

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The art of a good conversation

Anything makes me feel happy is worth sharing. I love this video, as Celeste really gets down to the fine art of a good conversation. Yes she covers the obvious thing like asking good questions, listening, buts the mind set that sets this talk about. Having and aproaching every conversation with curiosity helps open our minds and heart to learning. Everyone has a story and something important to share.

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