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The art of a good conversation

Anything makes me feel happy is worth sharing. I love this video, as Celeste really gets down to the fine art of a good conversation. Yes she covers the obvious thing like asking good questions, listening, buts the mind set that sets this talk about. Having and aproaching every conversation with curiosity helps open our minds and heart to learning. Everyone has a story and something important to share.

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Inequity sucks!


Marketers around the world take note- inequity sucks!!!

When I see advertising with people making fun of the outdated stereotypical imagery – I think to myself- Marketers beware.  

TImages like the ‘happy housewife, the supid teenage male.’  Todays feminists are young, savvy, computer literate and use their business and technology skills to create powerful messages that can be easily shared on social media.   They are actively taking down your brand and imagery and its best you don’t leave your marketing in their hands!  Is your business ready for this latest wave in the feminist movement?

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So much data but are we making better decisions?

During a discussion I had last week with a client, the question was raised -" Why are insights important and how should we think about them?"  In todays blog I will share with you my answer.

 Insights matter because decisions informed by insights are better decisions and are more likely to lead to competitive advantage.

Insights can either be used to support specific decisions or give direction to the best alternative and provide reasons as to why it is the right way to proceed or provide you with a general enhanced understanding of your market, or place in your market, that will benefit your business in general and not related to a specific issue.

The data that a business can access has greatly increased due to social media, in regard to digital marketing and recognition by businesses that they need more information and at more frequent intervals.


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Obesity and business strategy

Today I want to talk about opportunities for business to implement social entrepreneurial strategies. Obesity and related health issues around diet need to be acknowledged and dealt with in order for business to have consumer credibility.

Documentaries ranging from Supersize Me, which document the effects of fast food on a person’s physical wellbeing to Food Inc which examines corporate farming, have helped to educate the masses in terms of what corporations and their need to make a profit means for our health and wellness, our quality of food and for sustainable business and farming practice.

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