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“I have worked with Halinka on dozens of projects and I have always found her work to be of the highest standard. Halinka and her team bring to the table an approach to market research that few other research companies can.” 

Marketing Manager


Data Modeling & Forecasting 

Planning for Australia's Fastest Growing City Melbourne 2030

BDC Market Intelligence has helped VicUrban establish a vision for sustainable living. New eco-friendly affordable housing with an understanding of the needs of the community. We have been instrumental in helping shape the vision for the transit cities project.

Meet the Property Experts

Our team of property specialists can support you through a consultative and customised process to address your specific business needs.



Halinka  – CEO

Halinka has always had a keen interest in urban planning and design.  She takes on a very hands on approach to the development of any projects, and brings a wealth of experience and knowhow to the many complex problems that need to be addressed in this area and her background helps to simplify the process and outcome.

Nicole – Group Account Director

Nicole has worked with the property team for over four years and is experienced in customer satisfaction, branding, pricing studies,masterplan development, trade off analysis and buyer segmentation to name a few. She brings a great fresh approach to the project, ensuring all project goals are achieved in an efficient manner. 

Paul - GM Analysis & Auditing

Paul has conducted many master plan and feasibility studies for clients over the years including; property developers, financiers and government based development corporations. He brings a great understand of built form and design, which is reflected throughout the research projects. He draws on a vast array of research tools and models to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients needs.

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