Every successful corporation has a responsibility to use its resources and influence to make a positive impact on the world and its people.

BDC Market Intelligence recruitment model was set up in 1999 based on a social enterprise model and as such is designed to engage and give back to the community.This model enables us to have access to the largest catchment of participants in Australia.

Since then our consumer network has grown from Victoria to extensive consumer networks in all Australian states, territories and regional centres.  We also have extensive networks throughout United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and South East Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, China and Vietnam.


Our Recruitment: Who participates in the research

We have developed a ‘purist methodology’ to gain access to a more random and representative sample of the population. Our broad network allows everyone an     equal chance of participating and eliminates research groupies. The organisations we use are themselves diverse. They range from schools, sporting clubs, RSL clubs, volunteer & charity groups, universities, etc.

Respondents profiles can be as varied, to include as vast and as detailed a range of usage, lifecycle and demographic stages as the client wishes.   


Giving Back to the Community 

Our involvement in the community has seen our charity contributions approach $1million.

Engaging with our Consumer Community

BDC Market Intelligence utilises various methodologies to engage with our consumers, including;

  • Central Location Testing (CLT)
  • Home Usage Testing (HUT)
  • Focus Groups
  • In Depth Interviews 
  • Online Surveys and forums
  • Research on Demand 


Consumer Recruitment Brochure

Why so many clients choose this method of recruitment?

  • More likely to get realistic answers - natural environment helps respondents feel less threatened when answering questions
  • New respondents every time
  • Philanthropic participation - participants not motivated by money
  • Access to the general population - those who normally do not participate research
  • High participation rates
  • Eliminates Quota sampling error

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Market Research Fundraising Brochure

Market Research Fundraising is a fun, effective and easy method of raising money for your school, club or organisation.  It involves getting a group of eligible people together to complete research surveys either online at home or in a central location.   

Send us an email to receive a copy of our brochure explaining our unique form of fundraising.

Other Forms of Recruitment

Many projects require testing on a specific demographic or utlising an existing database. 

BDC Market Intelligence also has experience in; 

  • Door to door, and
  • CATI