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So much data but are we making better decisions?

During a discussion I had last week with a client, the question was raised -" Why are insights important and how should we think about them?"  In todays blog I will share with you my answer.

 Insights matter because decisions informed by insights are better decisions and are more likely to lead to competitive advantage.

Insights can either be used to support specific decisions or give direction to the best alternative and provide reasons as to why it is the right way to proceed or provide you with a general enhanced understanding of your market, or place in your market, that will benefit your business in general and not related to a specific issue.

The data that a business can access has greatly increased due to social media, in regard to digital marketing and recognition by businesses that they need more information and at more frequent intervals.

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Debunking the myth that sex sells


The myth that sex sells has been a favoured topic of mine.  It always draws a big crowd. 

It amuses me as to how many myths we have in society and how many people consider them to be factual.  So my myth bunking series is always fun and an easy way to get people to look at the world in new ways.


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A case study on positive change

BDCMI has a long history of working with both Government and private companies on environmental and sustainable strategy development.   The following case study is showcasing one of our client’s relevant achievements in this field.  

Villawood is a small player in a market that is dominated by large multinationals.  In order to carve out a niche, Villawood really needs to differentiate its product offer to stand out against bigger players who compete on price.  

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The birth of a new idea

Historically ideas were born in coffee houses and salons; where a greater range of the population had access to the conversation table.  This free form allowed not only a diversity of participation, but also the collision of hunches – giving them the impetus to become fully formed ideas.  Ideas have the space to interact with other ideas, to form newer and better ideas. 

Success in idea generation is about finding new ways to connect with people who have the missing pieces.  Breakthrough ideas don’t come in a moment of inspiration but take time to evolve after spending much time in the background gestating.  Refined, over time, and improved by collisions with other ideas breakthroughs occur. Therefore in designing innovative platforms new approaches that include new voices and different perspectives are needed to create systems to make ideas come together.

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