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Archive for February 2013

The food revolution, fad, trend or social enterprise


Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution can teach us much about social enterprise strategy.  In trying to change the way we eat he has implemented a comprehensive multi media campaign. What make it a social enterprise and not advertising is the fact that it is public education.  He is concerned about the quality of food people are consuming and how it affects their health. His approach involves a genuine focus on food issues as they relate to the end user. Through his attention on the health needs of the population his brand becomes strengthened.


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Walmart's new Sustainability global strategy

Over the last few weeks I have been discussing a series of social strategy developments that have utilised some terrific business case examples.  Today I want to draw your attention to Walmart's CEO in Beijing on the 25th Oct 2012.

Walmart gets a lot of bad press but I want to talk about how more and more companies feel they need to take further steps towards sustainability and socially inclusive business strategy development.  Look at the following example taken directly from their website. If anyone has any experiences with this strategy development I'd love to hear from you.

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