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Archive for May 2013

Move over Jamie - the business revolution is coming

Innovation in the boardrooms needs to be encouraged, and new voices need to be introduced. The appointment of more women would be an obvious place to start.  The game has changed and the real impact of inclusion will be in transforming businesses so they perform better. 

Business in Australia is becoming aware of the benefits of the diversity dividend.  Getting women on boards that think and behave like men won’t give us anything new; the impact will be made by boards that have a culture of inclusion and can engage in developing innovative policy removed from group think.

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Selling to Women - The car market recognises Pink Power

Selling to Women - The car market recognises Pink Power

Business is starting to realise that women make the majority of consumer purchases. In reaching out to women companies need to address their concerns.

But be careful not to stereotype.

What establishes sales credibility with any group you want to appeal to, is your ability to reflect your audience. If you want to sell to women have women in your sales force and not just one or two women.

Sales are about bonding and empathy and sharing common experiences with the customer. You stand to gain a lot in credibility and relevance if you can reflect a shared set of values.

You cannot communicate to your target audience if they feel you misunderstand them. Selling is as much about relationships as it is about price and product knowledge.

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Local food sourcing and local retail opportunities

Collaborative efforts to create locally based and self reliant food economies exist in various forms. Locavores are one such group comprising a food movement that challenges people to eat food grown in their local area.  This is one way to lessen the impact of pollution and global warming as well as dealing with the problems and the costs of large monoculture farming.  Its philosophy enables people in the community to support family farms while keeping money local. But individuals can’t do it on their own

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Food marketing and government policy

          Consumers complain to us about the easy availability of junk food and how combined with our busy lives it is easy to get into poor eating habits.  Good food preparation requires some degree of planning and knowledge around cooking. Given that healthy eating is organised eating, what role do government policy, food companies, and retailers play in helping to fulfil consumer needs and how much of this splits into social policy.


Many FMCG companies and franchises are capitalising on consumer vulnerabilities, rather than taking the moral high ground and helping them really solve their eating problems in constructive ways.

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