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Armchair activism and consumerism

The importance of corporations espousing social values as part of their business policy gives companies an opportunity to make a positive impact.  Responsible behaviour today is more transparent than in previous times. Todays video shows how social media provides the opportunity for consumers and activists to engage with a company. 

Single-minded profit-only motives for business are a thing of the past. Social and personal cohesive strategies can be put in place that minimise a company’s negative impact, and instead provide a positive contribution to the world. This means that good will and sales are achieved as the result of adhering to higher social goals. Social media can then reinforce these goals and consumers can participate and see the progression of these goals.

Apple, it seems, has a lot to learn and could take a lessons from Unilever's CEO Paul Polman. He understands that being in tune to the consumer’s higher ethical needs as well as their social needs is good for business. The outcome is that shareholders and all other key stakeholders will be rewarded as an inevitable consequence of doing the right thing.  Sustainable business policy does not come at the cost of business philosophy.

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