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A case study on positive change

BDCMI has a long history of working with both Government and private companies on environmental and sustainable strategy development.   The following case study is showcasing one of our client’s relevant achievements in this field.  

Villawood is a small player in a market that is dominated by large multinationals.  In order to carve out a niche, Villawood really needs to differentiate its product offer to stand out against bigger players who compete on price.  

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The changing consumer landscape



In today's blog I wanted to share some information from a terrific book that I read a few years ago.  This book was based on research and talked to the changes in consumer sentiment with regard to their buying habits.  From consumerism, to what the authors refer to as mindful consumerism which is being seen across the developed world.

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From face book to social activism Using gamification to build your social platform authentically.

Case study: Unilever and Face book present Waterworks

In a previous blog I spoke about where good ideas came from. Coffee houses and salon culture were historically places of innovation where people came together to exchange ideas .  What we see today is the reemergence of global voices with the development of  modern day social media tools, which once again allow a broad range of people to come together to discuss ideas.  What is interesting to me as a researcher is that ideas on social media platforms are so different to what is being spoken about in board rooms and in politics, so much so that the natural reaction of many is to dismiss it as ‘left of field.’

Yet because sharing in social networking applications is social by design, it leads to the creation of communities. These communities now have the power to interact, share ideas and create a cohesive voice that is being heard by an ever-increasing group of businesses who are savvy to the opportunity that is being presented to them.

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Diversity on Demand- a case study - scarcity vs abundance

Corporate culture will not change by simply including women, what is needed is progressive leadership. For the diversity dividend to be delivered you need to ensure that your company culture fosters diversity of thought too.

There are many pressures in corporate life and enough to do without seeking to change the culture.

But it becoming more apparent that for a company to thrive their must be diversity in thought. To hire women per se is only the begining.

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