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Corporate Evolution

A case study on positive change

BDCMI has a long history of working with both Government and private companies on environmental and sustainable strategy development.   The following case study is showcasing one of our client’s relevant achievements in this field.  

Villawood is a small player in a market that is dominated by large multinationals.  In order to carve out a niche, Villawood really needs to differentiate its product offer to stand out against bigger players who compete on price.  

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The changing consumer landscape



In today's blog I wanted to share some information from a terrific book that I read a few years ago.  This book was based on research and talked to the changes in consumer sentiment with regard to their buying habits.  From consumerism, to what the authors refer to as mindful consumerism which is being seen across the developed world.

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Pink Power - Media that embraces diversity

"I bought a Jeep", and the ads tag line ‘let nothing hold you back’ is very much inspiring and recognises all potential consumers as part of a viable market. This advertisement whole heartedly embraces pink power.... They also have a wonderful advertisement that features a 70 year old, and it’s a great advertising message that says our product excludes no one. Exclusion as I have previously blogged about is out!!! Social values are about giving everyone an equal chance at the decision making table.

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