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Obesity and business strategy

Today I want to talk about opportunities for business to implement social entrepreneurial strategies. Obesity and related health issues around diet need to be acknowledged and dealt with in order for business to have consumer credibility.

Documentaries ranging from Supersize Me, which document the effects of fast food on a person’s physical wellbeing to Food Inc which examines corporate farming, have helped to educate the masses in terms of what corporations and their need to make a profit means for our health and wellness, our quality of food and for sustainable business and farming practice.

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Accessing New markets - Resources for Australian Business.


The FIAL eCatalogue is an online searchable tool connecting international buyers with Australian food and beverage suppliers. International buyers have advised the specific company and product information required to aid making informed buying decisions. Users of the eCatalogue include: Export ready suppliers across 25 categories Pre-qualified international buyers across retail, foodservice and ecommerce channels Government and industry officials from Australia and in-market posts

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Closet marketing and what happens when the MD comes out!


Many business professionals are in the closet, and when they emerge- their coming out can be supported by consumers, and so today’s video is a great example of why we authentic business policy to begin with.  We need to making a positive difference, in all that we do.  Jeff Novick- ex Marketing director of Kraft foods utilised his profile very effectively.  I’ve included a summation of Jeff Novick’s advice in understanding food labels.

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Responsible marketing and managing social media to build brands


Soft drinks are a widespread part of many diets, obtainable in a range of flavours and marketed to both children and adults alike.  BDCMI have an extensive history of insights into the beverage category, seeing the growth of coffee over tea in the Australia, wine over beer, and the emerging cider culture as consumers and companies alike navigate new paths. 

Business seeks to understand what defined the historical changes, what made drinking water cool, how we moved to consuming soft drinks at breakfast.  Marketers need to know what to remove or to add to add value.

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