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Obesity and business strategy

Today I want to talk about opportunities for business to implement social entrepreneurial strategies. Obesity and related health issues around diet need to be acknowledged and dealt with in order for business to have consumer credibility.

Documentaries ranging from Supersize Me, which document the effects of fast food on a person’s physical wellbeing to Food Inc which examines corporate farming, have helped to educate the masses in terms of what corporations and their need to make a profit means for our health and wellness, our quality of food and for sustainable business and farming practice.

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Closet marketing and what happens when the MD comes out!


Many business professionals are in the closet, and when they emerge- their coming out can be supported by consumers, and so today’s video is a great example of why we authentic business policy to begin with.  We need to making a positive difference, in all that we do.  Jeff Novick- ex Marketing director of Kraft foods utilised his profile very effectively.  I’ve included a summation of Jeff Novick’s advice in understanding food labels.

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Call for applications for Inbound Trade Mission

Call for applications for Inbound Trade Mission

Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL), in collaboration with Austrade and State Government Agencies, will be hosting senior buyers from leading, high-end Asian and Middle Eastern supermarket chains, from 10-13 June. This presents a unique opportunity for Australian food and beverage (F&B) companies to capitalise on the high and rapidly growing consumer demand for safe, high quality and convenient foods and beverages in Asia and the Middle East.

Register your interest by 28 May


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Social enterprise thinking in action

The future is about transforming old practices and making new ones viable. This business model is set up based on one man's search for meaning, and shows how his trip to Australia changed his life forever. ... read more