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Health and Nutrition

Obesity and business strategy

Today I want to talk about opportunities for business to implement social entrepreneurial strategies. Obesity and related health issues around diet need to be acknowledged and dealt with in order for business to have consumer credibility.

Documentaries ranging from Supersize Me, which document the effects of fast food on a person’s physical wellbeing to Food Inc which examines corporate farming, have helped to educate the masses in terms of what corporations and their need to make a profit means for our health and wellness, our quality of food and for sustainable business and farming practice.

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Sustainable business models that are not price driven

Many implications arise from a business crisis. Brand equity that has taken years to develop can be wiped out overnight when quality control comes into question. In global markets, issues in other markets too have a impact on local brand status. We have recently worked with global suppliers, and have had to be careful with local strategies, when a global crisis impacted local policy decision making. We saw marketing departments grind to a halt, as innovation and exploration of global market opportunities, could no longer be carried out, until the dust had settled from crises in other markets that had impacted local trading decision making.

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