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Pink Power - Media that embraces diversity

"I bought a Jeep", and the ads tag line ‘let nothing hold you back’ is very much inspiring and recognises all potential consumers as part of a viable market. This advertisement whole heartedly embraces pink power.... They also have a wonderful advertisement that features a 70 year old, and it’s a great advertising message that says our product excludes no one. Exclusion as I have previously blogged about is out!!! Social values are about giving everyone an equal chance at the decision making table.

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Selling to Women - The car market recognises Pink Power

Selling to Women - The car market recognises Pink Power

Business is starting to realise that women make the majority of consumer purchases. In reaching out to women companies need to address their concerns.

But be careful not to stereotype.

What establishes sales credibility with any group you want to appeal to, is your ability to reflect your audience. If you want to sell to women have women in your sales force and not just one or two women.

Sales are about bonding and empathy and sharing common experiences with the customer. You stand to gain a lot in credibility and relevance if you can reflect a shared set of values.

You cannot communicate to your target audience if they feel you misunderstand them. Selling is as much about relationships as it is about price and product knowledge.

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