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New Business Models

Gamification meets social entrepreneurship

Games for Change is an organisation dedicated to creating digital games for social change, creating games focused on social issues to bring about awareness of important issues and bring about social change. For instance the Half the Sky Movement raises awareness and funds to empower women across the world. An important adaptation of gamification is to further social involvement. The three principles of this new form of gamification, which I refer to as the three i’s: Involve, Impact, Inspire.

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Top ten attributes of a successful entrepreneur

As a serial entrepreneur who commenced my first venture at 11 years of age, with two start up’s to my name, I am often asked what it takes to be a good entrepreneur.  In today’s blog I will answer that question.  The attached video features my latest show reel, which shows the diversity of the types of things that I do.  The key message is building a social based business on the premises of what is the legacy  you want to leave behind.  All Entrepreneurs are social by nature, we really do give back to the community;  we employ staff, create products and services that were never there before and we love working.

Entrepreneurs have many positive characteristics.  Here is my list of  Top 10 qualities / attributes that makes for a successful entrepreneur.

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Social enterprise thinking in action

The future is about transforming old practices and making new ones viable. This business model is set up based on one man's search for meaning, and shows how his trip to Australia changed his life forever. ... read more

Today’s entrepreneurial spirit

Happiness and meaning are the main drivers behind today’s entrepreneurial spirit. I am speaking in a few weeks, about this topic and my own journey from social entrepreneurs to Global Thought Leader.  In the build up to that, I wanted to share with you some interesting insights about the new skills in today’s business professionals.  

Entrepreneurs around the world have evolved and a new breed of entrepreneurs has emerged, known as social entrepreneurs.  Social entrepreneurs as I have previously blogged about are motivated to use their talent, skills and resources to make a positive impact on the world.  Far from just being an armchair activist, these business people, set up their livelihoods around the premise of making a difference, and as such are bringing immense satisfaction and happiness into their own worlds. 

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