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Debunking the myth that sex sells


The myth that sex sells has been a favoured topic of mine.  It always draws a big crowd. 

It amuses me as to how many myths we have in society and how many people consider them to be factual.  So my myth bunking series is always fun and an easy way to get people to look at the world in new ways.


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Inequity sucks!

Marketers around the world take note- inequity sucks!!!

When I see videos like this are posted with women making fun of the outdated stereotypical imagery – I think to myself- Marketers beware.  

Today’s video makes light of the ‘happy housewife.’  This video challenges the myth of the angry ‘older’ feminists, today’s feminist are young, savvy, computer literate and use their business and technology skills to create powerful messages that can be easily shared on social media.   There are actively taking down your brand and imagery and its best you don’t leave your marketing in their hands!  Is your business ready for this latest wave in the feminist movement?

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