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Social Entreprenurs

The birth of a new idea

Historically ideas were born in coffee houses and salons; where a greater range of the population had access to the conversation table.  This free form allowed not only a diversity of participation, but also the collision of hunches – giving them the impetus to become fully formed ideas.  Ideas have the space to interact with other ideas, to form newer and better ideas. 

Success in idea generation is about finding new ways to connect with people who have the missing pieces.  Breakthrough ideas don’t come in a moment of inspiration but take time to evolve after spending much time in the background gestating.  Refined, over time, and improved by collisions with other ideas breakthroughs occur. Therefore in designing innovative platforms new approaches that include new voices and different perspectives are needed to create systems to make ideas come together.

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Social Entrepreneurs - New motivation in business modeling

The next big idea in business can begin with as little as $27, and thanks to a social entrepreneurial approach people can have access to resourses that were previously unavailable to them.  In my last  blog on this topic I explored how social entrepreneurship was not a fad.  This blog explores how social entrepreneurship is a way for businesses to achieve a competitive advantage.

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Innovation on Demand- the facts

Innovation on Demand- the facts
  • The Australian Innovation System Report 2012 reveals that compared with firms that do not innovate, innovative Australian firms are:
    • 42% more likely to increase profitability;
    • 3 times more likely to export;
    • 4 times more likely to increase the range of goods or services offered;
    • more than twice as likely to create new jobs; and
    • more than three times more likely to increase training opportunities for their employees.

And - The Australian Government’s gross expenditure on R&D has risen to 0.77% of GDP, the seventh highest in the OECD.  See:

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