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Knowing your brand in a competitive market

Blog By Ross Hendy- GM Strategy
Australia has a population of just on 23 million people and a median income of $67,000 per year (2012 average) making Australia one of the highest income earning countries in the world. Consumers are knowledgeable, brand savvy and value conscious, they have freedom of choice and have a wide network of outlets from which to purchase a wide repertoire of like products. It is for this reason that you need to position your brand in Australia with a point of difference to that of your competitive set. Importantly, you need to research and understand those competitive brands that are playing in the same segment or space as your brand. You need to be actively aware of their pricing by retail segment, their brand proposition, their product portfolio, their promotional activities and their channels of participation.
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Top ten attributes of a successful entrepreneur

As a serial entrepreneur who commenced my first venture at 11 years of age, with two start up’s to my name, I am often asked what it takes to be a good entrepreneur.  In today’s blog I will answer that question.  The attached video features my latest show reel, which shows the diversity of the types of things that I do.  The key message is building a social based business on the premises of what is the legacy  you want to leave behind.  All Entrepreneurs are social by nature, we really do give back to the community;  we employ staff, create products and services that were never there before and we love working.

Entrepreneurs have many positive characteristics.  Here is my list of  Top 10 qualities / attributes that makes for a successful entrepreneur.

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Understanding the true supply chain and Commercial costs of Business in Australia


Today's Blog- by our GM Strategy- Ross Hendy

As a foreign organisation wanting to trade in Australia, it is critically important you understand the true costs of business in this market, be it from a supply chain perspective and in terms of commercial negotiation and investment. The margin chain in Australia at all levels is always looking to extract greater profit from your business offering. It goes without saying that this has the impact of stretching your brands ability to compete effectively in this region. 

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