Todayís entrepreneurial spirit

Happiness and meaning are the main drivers behind today’s entrepreneurial spirit. I am speaking in a few weeks, about this topic and my own journey from social entrepreneurs to Global Thought Leader.  In the build up to that, I wanted to share with you some interesting insights about the new skills in today’s business professionals.  

Entrepreneurs around the world have evolved and a new breed of entrepreneurs has emerged, known as social entrepreneurs.  Social entrepreneurs as I have previously blogged about are motivated to use their talent, skills and resources to make a positive impact on the world.  Far from just being an armchair activist, these business people, set up their livelihoods around the premise of making a difference, and as such are bringing immense satisfaction and happiness into their own worlds. 

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VW advertising changed overnight

The true power behind armchair activism is depicted in today’s story, and marketers everywhere need to know that in today’s global environment, movements such as “The Not buying it app,” have far reaching consequence.  This latest example shows how the new Volkswagen advertising that originally did not depict women, was changed overnight to include a female role model/engineer in the advertising.

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Pink Power - Media that embraces diversity

"I bought a Jeep", and the ads tag line ‘let nothing hold you back’ is very much inspiring and recognises all potential consumers as part of a viable market. This advertisement whole heartedly embraces pink power.... They also have a wonderful advertisement that features a 70 year old, and it’s a great advertising message that says our product excludes no one. Exclusion as I have previously blogged about is out!!! Social values are about giving everyone an equal chance at the decision making table.

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Consumer Activism Apps and the NOT BUYING IT Campaign

Women across the globe are standing up and being counted IN to address inequality.

Programs and apps are the latest wave of technology driven innovations that are helping to inform consumers of all the business strategies within the four walls of large corporations, empowering consumers to have a voice and to be heard.

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