Australian women world’s best entrepreneurs

Australian women world’s best entrepreneurs

The USA is perceived as a great dynamic entrepreneurial nation, the business centre of the world.

Australia, on the other hand is seen as a small far away nation, mainly dealing in raw materials, some innovation, in general a nice place to be in.

To the surprise of no one the United States scores top as the most entrepreneurial country, but if the sample is only women, Australia takes the top spot.

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Accessing new markets

I have been having discussions with various major manufactures in Australia who are all being lured off shore.

The funny thing about this policy is that they are ignoring two important points.

China wants quality overseas products

The Chinese middle class markets are not necessarily buying their own locally made products (from baby formula to cars) and new supermarkets are being launched in China, that specialise in ONLY imported items.

 China has a very large emerging middle class consumer market

Here I am referring to the approximately 300 million Chinese who are the emerging middle class as of NOW.

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Social enterprise and innovation

Todays new business models are set up to make money, but with a twist which adds a new element into the mix. This addition is ‘social meaning’. 

When entrepreneurs create successful businesses that enable them to tackle meaningful social issues, business is not simply used as a means to make money but as a way to enable entrepreneurs to make a difference.  What sits behind today’s video is the added human dimension  that working with a model based on social change brings to our lives and our society.

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The food revolution, fad, trend or social enterprise


Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution can teach us much about social enterprise strategy.  In trying to change the way we eat he has implemented a comprehensive multi media campaign. What make it a social enterprise and not advertising is the fact that it is public education.  He is concerned about the quality of food people are consuming and how it affects their health. His approach involves a genuine focus on food issues as they relate to the end user. Through his attention on the health needs of the population his brand becomes strengthened.


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