Brand Australia - are we there yet?


Over the last few weeks I have been in meetings with innovation companies, ranging from science based organisations, educational institutions to government agencies.  The common thread in all of these discussions has been what does the business landscape in the future look like?  And how is Australian placed in terms of developing its unique selling proposition (USP) globally.  The key question being asked is - what does brand Australia really look like?  To begin we need to shift our focus from just a country rich in resources - a commodity trader to a player on the global scale that has something others might aspire to experiencing.  Mining and commodity exporting as lucrative as it is, just isn’t sexy.  So what is uniquely Australian that is?

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Social Entrepreneurs - New motivation in business modeling

The next big idea in business can begin with as little as $27, and thanks to a social entrepreneurial approach people can have access to resourses that were previously unavailable to them.  In my last  blog on this topic I explored how social entrepreneurship was not a fad.  This blog explores how social entrepreneurship is a way for businesses to achieve a competitive advantage.

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Social Entrepreneurship - the new way of doing business

A new breed of entrepreneurs are in town, and they are shaking up the way that business is done and challenging long held assumptions about what businesses role in society is; and in doing so are redefining the role of innovation in the context of this new model. I was recently a panellist for the Young Entrepreneur program, getting down to business and it was a joy to see so many new ideas and such enthusiasm for business from the participants.

Todays topic builds on this and is about the innovation process. Firstly I wanted to explain that innovation happens when you redesign from ground zero.

Sounds too simple? No, not really, it’s all about being willing to start over and learn new ways so real innovation can occur. This involves questioning social assumptions too. Why do things have to be as they are? What can we change so more people can benefit? This is the mentality behind a growing entrepreneurial movement that is known as social entrepreneurship.

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Women as multidimensional - when Sex stops Selling!

The myth that sex sells has been a favoured topic of mine, in 2014 I wrote a blog on the sexy lie which covered how business can disenfranchise their customers when resorting to one dimensional images and descriptions in the media of women.  An interesting short cut based on lack of market insights into a market that represents $7 trillion dollars in sales.  Femvertising cuts to the core of this and looks at portraying women in a positive light. 

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