Closet marketing and what happens when the MD comes out!


Many business professionals are in the closet, and when they emerge- their coming out can be supported by consumers, and so today’s video is a great example of why we authentic business policy to begin with.  We need to making a positive difference, in all that we do.  Jeff Novick- ex Marketing director of Kraft foods utilised his profile very effectively.  I’ve included a summation of Jeff Novick’s advice in understanding food labels.

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Disruptive innovation- a case study


Ray Anderson introduces himself as a husband, a father and a grandfather. He defines himself primarily in relationship to others. He understands the importance of personal and social connectedness. The danger for a company’s leadership is in the gap between people’s personal and societal needs and the responsibility to drive profit as CEO’s are required to do. Companies therefore need to do both, by embracing models for improving social and environmental welfare as well as creating growth. Changing to survive is only understood as leaders put short term profit motives in the broader social perspective.

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From face book to social activism Using gamification to build your social platform authentically.

Case study: Unilever and Face book present Waterworks

In a previous blog I spoke about where good ideas came from. Coffee houses and salon culture were historically places of innovation where people came together to exchange ideas .  What we see today is the reemergence of global voices with the development of  modern day social media tools, which once again allow a broad range of people to come together to discuss ideas.  What is interesting to me as a researcher is that ideas on social media platforms are so different to what is being spoken about in board rooms and in politics, so much so that the natural reaction of many is to dismiss it as ‘left of field.’

Yet because sharing in social networking applications is social by design, it leads to the creation of communities. These communities now have the power to interact, share ideas and create a cohesive voice that is being heard by an ever-increasing group of businesses who are savvy to the opportunity that is being presented to them.

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What makes a good entrepreneur?

As a serial entrepreneur I commenced my first venture at 11 years of age and since then I have two start up’s to my name.  I am often asked what it takes to be a good entrepreneur, so in today’s blog I will attempt  to answer that question.  The attached video is a great addition as it really talks to what it takes to survive using three case studies.  The key message is building what you want to leave behind.  All Entrepreneurs are social by nature, we really do give back to the community; we employ staff, we create products and services that didn't previously exist and we love working.

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