BDC Market Intelligence can designs & develop a range of online training tutorials or face to face workshops that cover our range of expertise. We can utilise our network of industry experts or collaborate with your team to provide practical, relevant and highly engaging content to develop cost effective global online solutions or face to face dynamic workshops to help businesses in a category audit.

Our solutions include:

  • Interactive self-diagnostic tools delivered in real time
  • Tailored business, export and market plans
  • Online training tutorials
  • Tools for tailoring workshops and training sessions

For more information on how BDC Market Intelligence can provide your business with valuable knowledge to get ahead, and stay ahead, of your competitors, contact us for a chat over a cup of coffee!


Case Study

Recently BDC Market Intelligence partnered with FIAL to develop tools and assist Australian food manufacturers and SMEs in developing new products for global markets. 

BDC developed an online self-diagnostic tool which was integrated throughout FIAL export workshops. Answers to these questions were used to generate a personalised Export Plan for the attendees’ company, which was made available to them via email at the conclusion of the workshop.

These online interactive videos cover a range of topics and current market knowledge to guide small businesses and food manufacturers in getting ready for retail and export.



"I'm always willing to learn more and you guys presented ideas in a different way ... the technical side was fantatsic and I had the Export Plan template arrive in my inbox before I left the room!."

Melinda Mackay, Sugar Free Solutions Pty Ltd



"It was easy to follow and very clearly presented. Excellent."

Luciano Cester, Celebrate Health


"Thanks for this tutorial, our main website needs a few pages added ASAP to cater for export clients - I will work on that today. I now see the urgency to make those changes."

Cheryl Stewart, Morlife Pty Ltd


"Just did the tutorial - was really good. Short, sharp and to the point."

NSW Trade and Investment


"The messages are clear, simple and constructive and all companies engaging in export should take advantage of this service."

Food SA